DutchReview is a Dutch magazine for expats, Dutchies with an international taste, Internationalists with a Dutch appetite, in short: anything involving Dutchness. Our content is a mix of themes related, but not restricted, to culture (both refined and popular), politics, history, opinions, lifestyle, and backgrounds. We strive to bring you factual, topical, and also humorous writings. Because if you wanted to read dry informative pieces of text you would have gone to school instead of DutchReview. And naturally we also review the living daylights out of all kind of things in the Netherlands.

DutchReview was founded in 2013. The initiators felt a need to discuss Dutch affairs, and their Dutch viewpoints on international affairs on the world wide web. Various sites already covered Dutch news in general, and a few were covering characteristic Dutch traits. But we just tried something a bit different and with everything we poured our heart, souls and sarcasm in it. Fast-forward to 2016 and we’ve got more than 40K unique visitors and +10K Facebook followers! Or better said, a huge following of fans who are just as excited about DutchReview as us!

What sets DutchReview apart from the rest is our aim to bring you sharp analyses of Dutch affairs and culture, to report on international matters from a Dutch perspective as well as to entertain and inform expats, people with an interest in the Netherlands and the Dutch people with an appetite for international matters. We are non-partisan, yet sharply opinionated. Our mission is to create a long-lasting dialogue with lovers (and haters if you must) of the Netherlands across the world, acting as a bridge into the Netherlands, and as a mirror for the Dutch themselves.

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