The Hague Hash House Harriers

  • Social intercourse – For many “hashing” is one of the main focuses of their social life. Imagine the plight of Westerners living in strict Muslim countries. It is a traveler’s network – wherever you go there’s a group of open-minded people to give you an introduction and a hand if necessary.

  • Consumption of alcohol – moderation is recommended but not always observed. But personal freedom is respected and participants that are not inclined to partake of alcoholic beverages are provided substitutes.

  • Non-competitive jogging – Running and walking through cities, dumps, woods, neighborhoods in groups of 2 – 200 following temporary markings made from flour, chalk or paper.

  • Singing of bawdy songs – Inherited from the all-male rugby circles, the variations on well known songs may be juvenile, rude and unpalatable, but are mostly usually so extreme as to be totally unbelievable. Purely for entertainment – not encouragement.

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